Wireless Connection to Heaven

Alhamdulillah I had been surrounded with a lot of reading materials about Islam: Tawheed, the Prophet [SAWS], concepts, habits, etc.  published by the Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance Al-Batha, Darussalam, Islamic Propagations Office in Rabwah, The Islamic Center at Old Senajah, and Zulfi Foreigner’s Guidance Office to name a few.

I have read and still continue to read about Christian and Muslim discussions, monotheism, etc.  But what struck me most importantly was the literature for prayers.  In the past, out of the habits I grew up with on how to say prayers, I always had a different way to prayer.  I always found a very private place where no one will see me and no one will ever know.  Now, though I was told that the way to pray was the most difficult habit to be learned by Non-Muslims, my first recourse was to learn how to pray just as how the Prophet [SAWS] have exemplified.

Indeed, it was not easy.  Although there were English translations and even Filipino translations of the prayers, I used these materials to understand what the Arabic prayers mean but I adhered to learning the prayers in its authentic Arabic literature.  What makes learning a lot more difficult was that since nobody around here knew that I had been learning how to pray, I had to discover things on my own and of course make a lot of errors along the way.  But Subhanallah, I was guided to more resources to learn better the ways of Salat.

However which way, it will always be my desire to learn the proper way to pray as well as the prayers themselves.  For one, this is my wireless connection to Allah [SWT] with unlimited capacity with its speed faster than a HSDPA.  And just to make sure that I am guided correctly, I have subscribed to various channels with crisp, clear videos that show details on how to pray.

Bismillah, to be continuously guided and to share the guidance as well, I upload the videos from the youtube channel of spectrum187  onto this article for the record.  Should there be any other comments, suggeztion, recommendations regarding my quest, please free to comment.  Inshallah, I will, and hope that more will be as well, be enlightened and reminded all the time the incredible value of Salat.  ]

The Fajr Prayer.  

The Asr Prayer.

The Maghrib Prayer.

The Isha Prayer. 


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